About Healing Bible Verse

Waking up to receiving a call from a person one day, He was telling me about a person he knows, who was just about to die due to cancer. The person that rang me explained to me how his friend was unable read or do anything. At an instance, I transferred the Audio Bible to a CD and sent it to him. After a few days, I was informed of his friend's death. But he said they did play the Audio Bible to him when he was alive for the few days he survived after receiving the CD. That is exactly what we expected them to do. We believe the Word of God fell on his ears, a few words atleast, if not everything.

To expand this, we gathered all the healing verses from the Bible and made them into an Audio CD. Just like the person I mentioned above, there are so many dying, and we are not so sure if they had an opportunity to know the Gospel in the past. Now, on the deathbed, they are not conscious of what goes around them, nor can they speak or see, they can hear these words in their quiet room. Initially, this project was started in Tamil. We were able to reach many states and countries. As a result of it, many were healed and delievered. Our Goal is to reach the World, which is lost, with the Good News.

My Prayer

Abba Father, thank you so much for the incredible gift of prayer.
Thank you for listening to both my words and my heart.
Thank you for being near and not far off.
Forgive me for my past sins and Thanks for your gracious listening ear for granted.
In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.


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